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Understanding the no credit check loan - To finance an urgent need for cash, a short-term loan is probably the most appropriate solution. Unfortunately, getting this kind of financial support from a bank or a lending institution is often more complicated than one would hope. And, as is generally the case, if that particular lending institution decides to verify your past as a borrower, things can become even more complicated. In fact, a credit check can affect your score and thus strongly reduce your chances of getting a short-term loan. Fortunately, these days you can overcome this obstacle by applying for a money loan without undergoing a credit check. But what does it involve?

Understanding No Credit Check Loans, Understanding, No Credit, Check, Loans

 Do you need urgent financing?

As with any loan, it all begins with a need for financing. In this case, it is a need for financial support to satisfy an urgency that requires an immediate financial response. More specifically, you can seek a loan without undergoing a credit check in order to deal with a difficult financial period. You can obtain money to pay urgent bills to avoid a service disruption, to pay your rent, or to make a payment on time to prevent incurring additional penalties. The goal is therefore to help you get funds quickly to cover an immediate expense while saving your other financial resources for your current needs.

No credit check is required, and it's completely confidential

The first principle of a money loan without a credit check is that it can be granted to any applicant with sufficient income to guarantee repayment, regardless of their credit score. Contrary to what is normally done by the personal loan institutions, you will not be required to undergo a credit check whose results could be an obstacle to obtaining urgent financing. Lenders involved in this operation are willing to "take a risk" to support you without dwelling on any adverse credit history. In clearer terms, there is no discrimination and you can then get the financial support you need even if your credit score is low. Furthermore, as with any financial process, your privacy is paramount. Your personal and financial information will be handled and kept securely.

Submit an application online

Because your need is urgent, the process is quick and easy. All you need to do is complete the online application form and provide the documentation required to create your file, including your identification, proof of residency, recent pay slips and bank statements. The objective here is not to evaluate your potential creditworthiness or to inquire about your borrowing past, but more to better understand your need, and to verify your identity and your overall ability to repay the loan requested.
Your money will be available in 24 hours

Because a money loan without a credit check is intended primarily to handle an urgent need, each application is handled as soon as possible. Therefore, as soon as your application and the required documentation are received and approved, you will be contacted within the next few hours to sign the contract. Depositing your loan into your bank account is then done very quickly. In all, the entire process takes less than 24 hours. You can then access your funds as of the first business day after applying for your loan.

Whether you are seeking a no credit check loan or a short-term personal loan, good or bad credit, our team of professional agents will do their best to find you the money rapidly.


VA Streamline, which iscommonly termed as VA IRRRL or VA Refinancing is a method introduced toveterans ofAmericain order for them to pay lower mortgage rate. This type of payment plan alsoprovides them with the assistance of transferring from ARM or adjustable ratemortgage to a fixed interest rate. With this, eligible people who can benefitfrom the plan can lessen the cost of their mortgages since the rate of interestis lowered down to a fixed rate rather than being affected with the prevailingmortgage interest.

Government Home Refinancing

Understanding the VA IRRRL

Utilizing the VARefinance from the original VA loan is easy asit does not pose any difficult requirements to those who are eligible of thepayment plan. If the veteran is currently paying under an adjustable ratemortgage, it will be easier for him to transfer and refinance in VA IRRRL inorder to lower down the rate of mortgage. The veteran has the option of addingthe closing costs of the conventional loan to the new mortgage plan. For thosewho are in good health, the transfer will incur 2.2% of funding fee, butdisabled veterans are exempted from paying any additional costs. In addition, cash will not be received by the veteran after the mortgage has been closed, except for a few exclusions.

Optimizing the VA refinancing loan

Through a VA homerefinancing plan, the veteran has the option ofshortening the period of loan repayment. Although paying the mortgage on ashorter time can increase the cost of monthly loan payments, it will help theveteran in decreasing the rate of interest. Another way to optimize thecost-efficient benefits of the VA refinancing loan, the veteran should look fora reliable lender that offers low interest rates. Lastly, since there is noform of cash reimbursement in this payment plan, one of the strategies that theveteran can do would be to look for energy efficient methods that he canutilize at home. There is a high probability that he can receive around $6, 000for building and improving the energy-efficiency of his home.

Receiving cash through VA refinance

When a veteran needssome funding for emergency and other purposes, he can also make use of theVA StreamlineLoan to receive cash. He can opt for a refinancing cash-out in orderto pay off possible foreclosures from his current mortgages. On some occasions, the veteran can acquire VA entitlement, although itwill incur some processes before his request for cashing-out is approved. TheVA IRRRL is recommended to be used by veterans of war, those who are in activeservice and their immediate family, in order to assist them in their mortgagepayments.

Home Equity Loans With Bad Credit: 3 Important Steps To Take Before Contacting A Lender - In the current economic conditions, bad credit seems to be a reality for many people. If you are worried that your poor credit score will impact your ability to find a home equity loan, you are wrong, however. In fact, despite the shaky economy, several lenders are willing to work with homeowners to get them the money needed to finance home improvement or anything else.

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinancing, Home Equity Loans With Bad Credit

Home equity lines of credit are actually one of the best choices for those with bad credit scores to get money in times of need since they are secured loans. There are several steps that you need to take before talking to a lender about a home equity loan, however.

STEP 1: Talk to Your Initial Lender

Before you begin the process of finding a home equity loan (also known as a second mortgage) your first stop should be at the lender who initially financed your purchase. He can give you details about what you still owe as well as the amount of equity, that is, total money available, that you have on your home.

Your first lender may also be able to discuss the possibility of a refinance with you, if that route offers you a viable alternative to getting the money you need. Refinancing your current mortgage may be a good idea since, rather than making two payments on two mortgages, your first one and your home equity loan, you can continue to make one payment. Depending on how bad your credit score is, this may or may not be an option.

STEP 2: Check Your Credit

There are two important things that you should know before talking to a lender about your options for a second mortgage loan: your credit score and your credit report. First, you need to know your three digit credit score. This number, which will be between 300 and 800, tells the lender how creditworthy you are. Any score below 650 is bad. Credit reports, on the other hand, tell the lender the details of why your credit score is low.

Make sure that you get a copy of your credit report and carefully review it. There may be mistakes on that report that are bringing your credit score down. The more actions you can take to improve that three digit score, the better off you will be in terms of finding a home equity loan.

STEP 3: Research Your Options
The final step you need to take involves getting to know potential lenders. Rather than calling them and getting a sales pitch, be sure to look through reputable resources for additional information about their business practices. The Better Business Bureau is a great first stop. This independent agency will rank the lenders you consider and give them a grade which is based on their past performances and customer satisfaction.

Similarly, looking at lending resource websites and talking to other borrowers about their experiences can provide additional insights on lenders to look out for and those whose practices are on the up and up. The quality of the lender you work with will directly impact the deal that you get and your ability to repay your home equity loan.

Ready to Get the Money
Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to contact those reliable lenders. Make sure that you are up front about your bad credit. Home equity loans are still available to you, despite your credit problems, and honesty will go a long way in securing them.

Mortgage Refinance Stimulus Plan- A Way To Save Home From Foreclosure! - Mortgage refinance stimulus plan is helping the homeowners, housing market and the overall economy. Bad credit people can also refinance their mortgage and save their homes from foreclosure. This mortgage refinance plan is surely a boon to the struggling homeowners.
Best Mortgage Refinance Calculator, Mortgage Refinance Stimulus Plan,

Mortgage refinance loan with bad credit has never proved to be easier. There are home loan options which permit all type of homeowners to get the mortgage help they require. Bad credit mortgage refinance is also provided especially for the bad credit people. The new options provided are a part of Obama, making home affordable plan. Loansstore also provides services for this plan.

This new Obama mortgage assistance bailout plan provides various new options for those homeowners who wish to refinance their mortgage or get a modification. Many struggling homeowners who never got approval are now getting it with the help of stimulus plan. The rate of foreclosures and mortgage defaults are increasing and thus this plan will help many people to avoid this.

Obama government has funded $75 billion to help the struggling homeowners. This money is given to the banks and the lenders when they help a homeowner; its given in the form of incentives. The cash covers the entire fees, closing costs and even the risk which the lender is taking when they approve a struggling homeowner. The money permits the mortgage lenders and banks to loosen their conditions for mortgage refinance or modification and approve more number of homeowners than previously they were doing. The mortgage interest rate can be reduced to nearly 2% and even the homes worth less than the mortgage can also be refinanced. People with bad credit have special bad credit mortgage refinance lenders thus they can take help from them.

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance as well second mortgage bad credit is also possible, thus poor credit people should not worry. Overall, mortgage refinance stimulus plan is helping the housing market, many homeowners and the economy. Those homeowners who have problems with their home loans can take help of this stimulus plan. There are tons of people who are saving their hundred of dollars by just calling a bank or a mortgage lender. You too can save your money by refinancing. Loansstore can help you with your problems.

The Current Home Mortgage Rates Provides Important Information - When you are looking for current home mortgage rates there are a couple of things you need to be aware of.

Mortgage rates can change depending on the current economy and also due to your financial past. These are two things you need to be aware of when you are looking for the best rates for your next mortgage.

15 Year Fixed, Mortgage Rates, Refinance

If you are a first time buyer, you will want to see if there are any incentives when you are buying a home. There might be some great incentives you can take advantage of when you are in the market to purchase your first home.

You will want to focus some of your attention on your down payment. You might only have a small down payment and this can make your monthly payment more pronounced. If you have a larger down payment it can lessen your mortgage rate. It can be a great idea to save up and prepare for a down payment.

If your have many debts, your mortgage rate can be out of control and almost unaffordable. Interest rates can quickly add up and you might be paying for a considerable amount of interest over the lifetime of your loan.

The mortgage rate will also be affected by the time of the loan. If you have a loan that takes a long time to pay off, your payment will be smaller, but you will be paying more interest over this time frame. If you have a shorter loan, you might have to pay a higher payment, but more of your money will go to the principle rather then the interest.

If you have any questions about the details of your loan, you will need to consult a loan professional. This can help you to completely understand the process. You never want to be involved with a large purchase that you do not understand. Gaining the right knowledge can help you to feel more secure about the situation.

Current home mortgage rates are something that will likely change. You want to make sure that you understand your personal situation and also the rates at the current time. There is a lot of knowledge to be gained throughout this process and getting the right information can help you to get the best rates possible.

Best Independent Mortgage Loan Advisors For Purchase To Allow Home Loan Specials - These deals serve the double purpose of staying capable to spend in a home early in daily life, although the same time going easy on your pocket. The treatment is easy. You chose the residence you want to purchase, and then get a home mortgage broker to reduce you a deal with the real estate business. You could pay out for your house by taking a house loan on the residence itself. 

Best California Mortgage Rate Refinance, Refinancing Home Loans, Refinancing Home Loans

 Then you could pay out the broker in regular monthly instalments, partly from your salary, and partly from the hire you can collect by leasing or renting out your property.Property Home loan adviceExcellent mortgage guidance is becoming presented these days by several impartial house loan advisor organizations. Watts is a single these business. There are other individuals also. You need to have not worry about staying cheated. With the new rules for property mortgages and housing finance in place, brokers are now a lot more careful and carry out their enterprise much more transparently. 

You could inquire them all the doubts and concerns that you have, and get them cleared by independent advisors. Given that these people work purely on commission basis, they will not have any ulterior motives, and will give you audio advice.When you enter into a deal for a home loan deal, it is recommended that you go more than the paperwork inch by inch. If there is anything that you really don't realize, don't hesitate to have it clarified. Intense caution is the greatest way by which you should method these specials. Make confident that you select a deal with a constant curiosity fee spanning about a lot of many years. 

They are much much better than shorter term with fluctuating interest premiums, as you might finish up shedding the residence if there is however another monetary crisis.Borrowing income to shell out for a residence is a thing that truly brings you deal with to confront with your obligations. The financial loan will generally be for a term of far more than 20 a long time, so it is not a single you can borrow and forget about. This is real income and it has to go a extended way, so you have to get the greatest offer achievable.

There are all types of concerns you require to bear in brain when it comes to obtaining a purchase to allow mortgage loan. No doubt the sum you carry in through lease ought to be far more than you are spending out in repayments - but you want to be making a revenue and guaranteeing that other charges are protected.A acquire to permit home loan calculator is some thing that you ought to make confident you look at ahead of you go into the market to borrow on a mortgage loan. A new house is an pricey purchase at any time, and if you get a mortgage loan that delivers very poor terms, you can locate yourself economically hamstrung.

There are various buy to let home loan calculator web sites on the net, and checking a few of them is a step you have to take. Among one particular mortgage deal and one more, there can be enormous variations in what interest price you get and what you have to shell out again every single month.

Apply For Loan Online Personal Target Markets - Do you know who is purchasing from your competitors? Maybe your competition has tapped into a market that you haven't yet thought to get your business into, but should. Competitors are getting business from the people that could be buying from your sales floor or your website. Don't think that you need to do everything they're doing in terms of marketing, just understand that you can be access the same customers they are. The key is identifying opportunities and getting in front of your audience where it works! 

Home Loan, Loan, Personal Loan, Home Loan Online

As an example, we'll say you're trying to push the sales of a men's razor. You want to emphasize how it gives a shave as smooth as butter but the important part is identifying why someone needs a shave so smooth. He might need it because he's a clean cut businessman. Maybe he needs it because he wants to impress his date this weekend or perhaps it's for his serving job at the fancy steakhouse downtown. The important thing to understand here is that it's up to you to connect the need for your product to the people who need it. 

Is your business limited to a certain geographic area? If you're a mom & pop shop, you should focus your marketing efforts on the wants and needs of your local community. If you're a bigger business who is able to serve people across the country, your marketing efforts can be focused on the actual need that your product/service can satisfy. Knowing your limits will help you focus on the geographic areas that are relevant to your business. Don't try to compete where it's not relevant. 

You may or may not already know this, but in order to be successful in your marketing efforts you have to identify your target audience. You can't rely on a good ol' cross of the fingers and hope that whatever marketing you've attempted will resonate with anyone and everyone who sees it. You need to define your target audience so you can market with a plan and achieve your goals. 

Identifying your target audience doesn't mean you're limiting yourself to only selling to a certain group of people. It actually means you're targeting your marketing towards the most likely group of buyers for your particular products and services. In theory, if you market to the correct audience, they'll love your product and in turn, market to everyone else via word of mouth. 

This is along similar lines as the above point. Use some deep thinking here... Who can benefit from using my products and services? On the flip side, what kinds of people can benefit your company by purchasing from you? Think of the people who can create the win-win situations that you're looking for and go after them! 

ABC Bank makes no representations or warranties with regard to the information contained on this website or results obtained by your use of any information contained on it. ABC Bank disclaims any liability arising out of your use of, or any action taken in reliance on, any such information. Always consult an attorney or tax professional regarding your specific legal or tax situation.
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No Credit Check Loan - Individuals with bad credit find it practically impossible to get loans from the traditional financial institutions. If you find yourself in such a situation, loans with no credit check are just the thing for you. The lenders providing this type of loan on Nation 21 only need a proof that you are earning enough to repay your loan within the specified period regardless of your credit score. In some instances, having a reputable guarantor may help to increase the limit that you can borrow. 

Home Loan, Bad Credit, Personal Loan, Loan

All the information exchanged between the lender and a borrower is not bidding to Nation21loans.com. Therefore, we are not in any position to guarantee users any loans. Visitors must regard everything displayed on this website as they would a commercial advert. Potential lenders displayed on this website may include both state licensed loan providers as well as tribal lenders. Users on this website should note that loans are not always available for all states or jurisdictions. Although bad credit scores are acceptable, it's within the discretion of a lender to conduct credit checks to facilitate the lending decision. 

*Disclaimer By using this website, you agree that it's not an offer or proposal for a loan. Nation 21 is the sole operator of this website and it is in no way a direct lender. Instead, we are a free service provider matching potential borrowers with appropriate lenders. Upon the submission of a loan application, the applicants' details are conveyed to a direct lender. Consequently, the lender will serve the customer with an agreement that discloses the APR, related fees, and terms and conditions based on the information submitted. 

The Nation 21 platform connects borrowers to lenders that offer no credit check loans. This type of loans come in handy during emergencies since they are easy to apply for. It also gives a chance to people with bad credit scores. The process also takes a short period of time allowing you to access the cash in good time to take care of the emergency. 

Through this platform, Nation 21 has made it much easier for you to access loans without the formalities associated with getting a loan from banks and other mainstream financial institutions. The entire process takes place online and thus can be done from the comfort of your home.
To create a profile on Nation 21, all you need is a device that can access internet. Once the profile has been created the process of matching you with suitable lenders is also online and subsequent negotiations can be done online. Once you have been granted the loan the lender deposits the amount in your account directly. 

If the application is done during weekdays, you will probably have the loaned amount in your account within 24 hours after approval of the application. For most of our lenders, all it takes to qualify for this loans is to be 18 years of age; proof of US citizenship; proof of your residence in US; and proof that you have been employed for the three months leading to the date of application. 

For one reason or another, you might get yourself with a bad credit score that prevents you from borrowing money from the traditional financial institutions. No credit check loans prevent this by using your current income as the main factor to determine whether you can get a loan and the maximum amount. 

This company may seek some information about your credit score but this information will only be visible to you and the lender. By doing this, we ensure that the enquiry does not have a detrimental effect on your credit score. None of your information can also be used without your authorization.
This saves you the time it takes for you to get the money you need thus helping you get out of your find a solution to your financial emergency. By avoiding the credit checks, our lenders also protect your confidentiality and you also don't have to worry about being disqualified for a loan by your poor credit. 

However, this should be done with caution because the rates and interests of loans without credit check are also relatively higher than traditional loans. If caution is not exercised, you may find yourself in a cycle of debts. 

At Nation 21, we connect you to a network of lenders that specialize in providing loans with no credit checks. These lenders have been vetted to ensure they are trustworthy and safe for our clients to borrow from. 

The process of applying for a direct loan is much shorter because they don't involve much documentation. For most of our lenders, the entire process is done online and you can have the money in your account within 24 hours after application.
Loans without credit check are relatively easier to apply, access and repay compared to other loans. As such, one can use this type of loan to service other loans that the borrower may have stalled in repayment. 

The loan is often just a fraction of the amount loaned and you risk losing it in case of delayed payments. Nation 21 lenders only require proof of your income and no other collateral. Through this system, the borrower is protected from exploitation.
Pawn shops and similar businesses that deal with no credit check loans require you to provide collateral before being granted the loan. Such traders are also specific on the items that can be used as collateral, usually preferring jewelry and items of high value. 

The formal process of accessing loans makes it hard for people to access money when they need it most. Sometimes an emergency comes up in the middle of the month and all you need is a couple of bucks to get you through till the next paycheck. 

*A majority of our lenders don't rely on traditional credit checks. Nevertheless, they may submit queries with consumer databases like TeleTrack, CL Verify or DataX for identity verification and personal loan history. Credit checks may be performed in some cases from alternative providers which would not harm your credit history at all. 

This gives the borrower the chance to assess the lenders and their terms thus enabling him to choose the one that suits them best. Some of the terms offered by our lenders are also flexible and therefore you can renegotiate the deal to make sure the terms fits your needs best.

We all desire to be financially stable in order to meet all our obligations. Unfortunately, most of us earn just enough to sustain us from one paycheck to the next. Sometimes emergencies that can't wait for the next payday happen and direct cash loans help in such situations. 

At Nation 21 we value the privacy of customers highly and therefore do protect your privacy as well as is humanly possible. To achieve this, we only provide personal details to only the company that you have agreed to borrow from. 

Loans without credit check can save you from a financial crisis during an emergency. However one should not attempt to use them as a means to financial freedom. Instead, they should be used to support you while you venture into more sustainable projects or improving your credit score to enable you secure traditional, less expensive loans. 

Credit checking is one of the steps that disqualifies most people from accessing the traditional loans. Also, the application and documentation process often takes too long and can be very frustrating. This makes the traditional loans unideal for emergencies.
Nation21Loans.com is neither a representative nor an agent for any lender and therefore does not make any endorsements for products or services. You are required to practice caution when seeking short-term, installment and bad credit loans. 

Other times the emergency may even affect your productivity e.g. having the vehicle you use to go to work break down. At such times formalities such as credit checks lengthen the loan application process making the emergency worse. 

They are best used during emergencies because the rates and interests are relatively higher and if not used carefully may hurt the borrower's finances.

White House Outlines Move from ‘Cloud First’ to ‘Cloud Smart’ - The White House released a draft of its cloud computing strategy for public comment Monday entitled “Cloud Smart,” which will refocus the federal government’s adoption efforts.

White House Outlines Move from ‘Cloud First’ to ‘Cloud Smart’

The new strategy will update the Obama administration’s “Cloud First” policy, established in 2010, to better reflect where agencies and the technology are today.

Seven years ago “was a time when cloud computing was still new,” Federal Chief Information Officer Suzette Kent said during a roundtable with reporters Monday. “Many agencies were early in their journey in adopting those technologies and we’ve learned a substantial amount within the federal government, as well as the capabilities in the industry, which have significantly advanced.”

Today, agencies have a much better, hands-on understanding of cloud, including its benefits and challenges, Kent said.

The policy looks to build on Cloud First by “ensuring the technology fits the mission that you’re trying to serve,” she said. While the 2010 policy asserted the potential benefits of cloud, Cloud Smart will stress mission outcomes.

The strategy document offers application migration as an example.

“Moving an application from a traditional data center to a virtualized infrastructure vendor generally does not enable automatic application scalability with increased user demand,” the document states. Cloud Smart attempts to focus on how that application is used to meet the mission and what it will take to truly modernize it. For example, rather than just sticking an old app in a new environment, agencies should think about what training will be needed to ensure their workforce can continue to manage and iterate in that new environment.

Moreover, the Cloud Smart policy establishes workforce, procurement and security as the main pillars of the strategy, three areas the administration often links together when talking about IT modernization.

“Historically, policies have isolated these areas, creating confusion and a misunderstanding of requirements, mission and needs,” the strategy states. “However, they are deeply linked, and require an integrated, interdisciplinary approach, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to IT modernization.”

Tony Scott, the last person to serve as federal CIO during the Obama administration, said he would have liked to see more emphasis on the use of commercial-off-the-shelf solutions that don’t require significant customization to work in an agency setting.

“Part of the cloud journey—including being smart about it—is to leverage work already done by others, and unfortunately, procuring custom software—even if it meets the other criteria of scalability and security—should be a last choice, not the default first choice, which is still too often the case,” he told Nextgov. “Failure to address this forcefully will result in the government making the same mistakes it has always made, only in the cloud this time.”

Overall, Scott lauded the direction of the Cloud Smart policy, “particularly the emphasis on workforce and procurement challenges and opportunities. These are often the bigger barrier to modernization than are technical issues.”

The document is posted on the Federal Register and open for public comment until Oct. 24.

Before the year is out, OMB plans to update a host of policy documents around IT, including managing data centers, high-value assets and the Trusted Internet Connection initiative, which offers guidance on establishing and finding secure network connections. The office also plans to issue new guidance for reporting cybersecurity incidents under the Federal Information Security Management Act, or FISMA, next month.

A Couple Of Home Loans Discussed - The person who is able to buy a house for cash is a very rare sight these days. Almost everyone needs to get a mortgage in order to be able to buy a house for their family to live in. In response to this increased demand for home loans, many banks have started to design mortgage packages which are tailor made to the first time buyer.

A Couple Of Home Loans Discussed

If we take a look at bonds for first time buyers we find that they are very flexible and can be made to suit just about any kind of income. This is because the first time home buyer is generally at the start of their career and will not be earning much at all, but they have the potential to earn a lot more than they currently are. The idea is to offer this start up person a mortgage at a rate that is affordable in the hopes that whenever they need something when they are more financially stable they will go back to the bank that helped them out the first time around. In this way the bank tries to ensure that they get more new business at a later stage.

Some of the options on first time home buyers home loans are a low down payment or deposit, deferred payments, so you start paying alter, subsidized interest rates and offer grants.

If you do not qualify for a first time buyers mortgage, do not fret, there are other options for you to make use of that work out almost as well.

You can opt for a longer payment period. This does work out a lot more expensive over time, but it is more affordable on a month to month basis. This kind of bond is often used by people who want to buy investment property. They can then rent out the property at a monthly rate which will more than cover the cost of the monthly repayment term. This means that over time they actually start to make a profit on the rental of the house and do not have to worry about having to pay the portion of the bond that the rent does not cover.

You can also fix the interest rate for a certain period of time if the economy is unstable and interest rates seem to be going up and up and up. This means that your monthly repayment will stay the same, no matter what happens to the interest rate. This makes it much easier to budget your monthly pay check.

Home loans are a great invention. They allow people to buy property without actually having to have the money accessible to pay the entire price of the house at one time. What this means is that more people are able to buy their first home or to buy investment property to finance their retirement. There are now a number of options to choose from when you need to get a home loan making it easier for you too!

By Jonathan Morleson

Here are some of the scams currently targeting people buying, selling or a renting a home - "Trust, but verify" was a Russian proverb used in the Reagan era. Unfortunately, the words are at odds with each other. If you trust, there shouldn't be a need to verify. If you verify, you don't have trust. As a sign of our time, the mantra should really be  "Verify, then trust."

A Couple Of Home Loans Discussed,

With the amount of money needed to sell, buy or rent property, criminals can have a lucrative payday if they successfully scam the public. We sat down with a local lender and a representative from a title company about scams that might be happening and discussed ways the public can protect themselves.

Let's look at some of the different types of scams currently floating around.

1. After you've recently purchased a home, you receive a letter indicating you can get a copy of your recorded deed — just send a nominal amount to cover the fees.

2. You receive a notice of a last-minute opportunity to refinance your mortgage at an incredibly low interest rate, with minimal closing costs and fees.

3. You receive a notice that your mortgage has been sold to another servicing company and told to send your monthly mortgage payments to the address included in the notice.

1. A fraudulent cashier's check used at closing is from outside of Alaska — which is hard to verify.

2. Power of Attorney is used at closing, but the title company is unable to do a "Live and Well" verification. Is the person dead, mentally incapacitated, or even aware the property is being sold?

3. A last-minute change in wiring instructions for a buyer's down payment, followed by a call from an unknown person confirming the information.

1. Renters show up with household goods, only to find the properties were not actual rental units and they can't get back their security deposits and first-month rent checks.

2. Fake renters, with fake leases, are squatting in vacant homes, forcing new homeowners to start an eviction process or pay their claimed losses.

It can be confusing when you receive all the above in official-looking documents, calls or emails. How can this be? With software, screen captures, "phishing" of public records information and social media, it has become far easier for scammers to appear official enough to promote credibility.

The hope is you don't notice the letterhead or the email looks just a little off, and you react emotionally, without thinking. Their goal is to create enough trust that you won't verify.

Here are a couple of things you can do to protect you and your family.

First, understand that emails are the most inexpensive way to send out a scam. Emails don't cost any postage and are easy to mass mail. Emails allow a scammer to pose as a friend, co-worker or professional.

The best way to protect yourself is to not respond. Do not click to open anything within even the most legitimate looking email. Especially be wary of someone indicating they are working "on behalf of" someone else you already trust at the title company or your lender. Confirm the identity of any suspicious emails,Second, limit the information you provide if you are contacted by phone.

Scammers rely on quickly developing a level of trust to get you to do something you wouldn't do for a stranger. Red flags of a potential scam include the caller asking for money, confidential information, or insisting you need to act now. To verify, immediately call your original point of contact at the title company or your loan officer. If the caller is legitimate, the delay won't be an issue. If you've verified a scam and they repeatedly call back, you may need to block the call.

Finally, whether you are selling, buying or renting, everyone involved should verify — the title company, your loan officer and you. The verifications may seem redundant or sometimes intrusive, but it is really being done for your protection.With so much hard-earned money at stake, always confirm with a known person or call a known phone number. Verify, then trust — but if you suspect a scam, report it so others can be warned.

Look Before You Leap For That Home Loan! - If one has to draw a parallel to a home loan, marriage comes pretty close. There is a high involvement of finances, emotions and a long time commitment. But don't let this analogy send your thought trail in a frenzy! Just like marriage, this can turn out to be the best decision of your life.

Look Before You Leap For That Home Loan!

There is always a noise of opinions surrounding hyped topics. Home loans is one such example. Everybody has their own views on picking the right lender, tenure, interest rates, etc. What has proved to be the ideal home loan for somebody, need not be the one that works for you. The right fit for one's lifestyle, finances, capacity to repay, has to be arrived at after a detailed analysis. So what are the factors to be considered before you take the home loan leap? Read on to know more.

1. Are you ready for a long time commitment?

At least a decade long, if not more. Since EMI's will not leave your side for the years to come, this recurring expense must be provisioned for.

Evaluate the current sources of income and their efficiency in fulfilling the EMI commitment. Now, consider how these sources will contribute a couple of years from now. Also, focus on making investments right now, the returns of which will contribute to EMI payments in the future.

2. Have you considered the expenses to follow?

Gaurav and Rita have been planning to invest in a house since last year. They took a stock of all their resources including savings, loan from family etc. Made their choice of house and went in for the home loan. Their liquidity was now restricted and cash flows tight. Rita now wanted to furnish the house and do it up according to their taste.

She found an interior designer who understood her requirement completely. An action plan was made and budgets were discussed. Rita and Gaurav were now stressed due to shortage of funds and their unfulfilled dream. Should they go in for an additional loan?

Well, needless to say that will only add to their stress. Hence, it is important to access what matters most to you and factor in those expenses before making a loan application.

3. Will this decision support other major responsibilities?

Homes are only a part of the dream. Each one of us has various responsibilities to fulfill, in order to live a satisfied and happy life. These are linked to our loved ones, healthcare, education, marriage, etc.

These are large and important expenses. We need to consider these factors and estimate the amount required and the time available before incurring these expenses, to provision for them.

It is important that planning for this is in place before planning for any additional loans.

4. Is it an 'attractive offer'?

It is not hard to find loan offers which appear lucrative to potential customers. The loan market is very competitive and doing this definitely helps the lenders' product to stand out. However, prudent borrowers will dig deeper and not allow their decisions to be driven by the enticing numbers on the home loan advertisements.

If something appears too good to be true then most definitely that will be the case. Question the numbers and offers which vary largely from market offerings. Go in for the offer only after you know about all the associated charges and caveats.

5. Is your decision backed by research and consulting?

Often our decisions are influenced by the experiences of people around us or they come from our own past experiences. It is only natural to operate from a zone of comfort. And there is nothing wrong in that. However, it is important to look at things from a fresh perspective in these competitive and dynamic times.

Only because three of your friends have chosen a particular lender, you choosing the same one, should not be a reason enough. Nor should the only reason be, an existing long relationship with a lender.

Speak to the experts and evaluate the offer you have against the ones available in the market. Research can reveal facts which will enable you to make the right choice or at least negotiate better. Doing the homework pays off.

The above guidelines will definitely help in making the deciding process easier, the repayment process smoother and you happier.

Smart planning and the discipline to implement will take away the burden and stress associated with home loans. So go ahead and take the leap. Not only with faith but with knowledge, research and planning. The dream home will be yours soon. We wish you joy and prosperity!

Illustration: Uttam Ghosh/Rediff.com

The author is Co-founder and Director Credit Vidya.

Couple in police net - KOCHI: The city police on Thursday arrested a couple who sold their apartment without informing the private bank which had provided them a housing loan to buy the flat. Police said Thomas George Chembottil (49) of Chelannoor, Kozhikode, and wife Shalini Thomas (44) had availed a loan of Rs 6 lakh from the Girinagar branch of Federal Bank for buying the apartment. Later, they sold the flat to another person without the knowledge of the bank. The cheating came to light when bank officials conducted an inquiry after the duo failed to repay the loan. 

The accused had initially agreed to repay the loan in a one-time settlement, but when bank officials tried to contact them, they were inaccessible. The Kadavanthra police have registered a cheating case against the duo on a complaint filed by Federal Bank chief manager P T Sebastian. Police said that it was not possible to sell a property without the bank's knowledge if a loan has been availed for the same.The accused were arrested from an apartment at Chilavannoor. Police said the duo had sold another flat they bought in Vyttila in a similar manner. They were arrested by a police team led by Kadavanthra sub-inspector M B Latheef.

Home loan, Couple in police net

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